I work with a small number of clients at the time - typically fewer than 10 - to ensure that the founders I work with get my full attention, and so I have time to do research and offer assistance between sessions.

Single sessions

I typically charge:

  • $80 for an 1-hour introduction session. This session is designed to see whether we have the right chemistry to work effectively together.

  • $350 for single 1-hour sessions


I work best in a 3 or 5-session 'arc’ - think of it as a story arc. In an Arc, we focus on a specific challenge you are facing - putting together a pitch deck for investors; Solving a knotty hiring problem; Working on a go-to-market strategy; Figuring out how to drive sales to your company, etc.

Arcs are usually delivered in the form of bi-weekly 1-hour sessions, but with some clients I do longer sessions or more frequent sessions - all depending on the intensity and urgency of the challenge at hand.

I typically charge:

  • $300 per session for a 3-session ‘arc’.

  • $280 per session for a 5-session ‘arc’.

To learn more, contact me@haje.me