Helping wonderful humans do magical things

I help wonderful humans

Do magical things


What I do

Amplify your super-power.

You have a super-power. You know it. I know it. Okay, now that is out of the way - how do you find within you to take that power and make the most of it? What feeds your super-power? How do you harness and direct it?

In my coaching work, I work with a very small number of clients at the time. I get to know them deeply, and help them shape and direct what they are best at.


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You are the expert of you.

Behind the scenes

Who I am …

I have the world’s weirdest resumé. I’ve founded a number of companies. I’ve mentored dozens of entrepreneurs. I’ve been a policeman and a TV producer. A published author and a journalist. From every experience I’ve layered in new knowledge and insights.

My super-power is to dig in deep and find what makes you tick.

I guarantee to ask hard questions, and I promise not to flinch at the answers. I will tease out the core of the issues, and help you find new angles into knotty challenges.

… and how I work

For most clients, I start with either a 3 or 5- session arc. In these sessions, we do a deep dive. Not into your entire existence, but into an aspect of what you’re trying to accomplish. I help you find the tools for how to think about the challenges, and how to figure out what the answers might be.

I only work with a very small number of people at the time - typically 3-5 clients at the time, typically for 1-2 months at the time. We do one 30-minute session to figure out if our super-powers are compatible. And if they are, we take a step off the deep end together.

Let’s ask the most important question…


What they say


Haje is a special kind of weird, which might just suit you
— Martin J
As you can tell from the testimonials page, I take myself deeply seriously.
— Haje Jan Kamps